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MACA = Energy?!

Had my first taste of the SuperFood Maca last night….1/2 Tbsp. in a favorite hot  chocolate concoction that I love (see recipe below)

My routine is to try for sleep by 11:30pm and up at 6:30am. The night before I’d stayed up past midnight so I should have been ready for sleep by 11:00…having enjoyed the hot chocolate drink with Maca around 8pm I was still full of energy well past midnight. I didn’t think much of the Maca I’d ingested as I’m a natural night owl and will always gain a ‘second wind’ near bedtime.

Making myself turn in for the night around 12:30 I realized as I lay there that I was WIDE AWAKE! Only then did I realize this must be the Maca. After the initial panic of what the following day had in store and how much I’d be dragging if I didn’t get to sleep soon I relaxed to pay attention to my body and how I felt.

I was energized but relaxed….not jittery as I’d be if I’d had coffee or another caffeine stimulant. My mind was clear and my thoughts were calm.

I’d turned off my alarm for the morning so I could ‘sleep in’ a bit longer due to the busy day ahead and my late ‘turning in’…so imagine my surprise when I woke refreshed, energized and at my usual time!

I’m a couple hours into the day and still feel…even keel. Seems I have a steady level of energy today. Feels good.

With that being said…can you have too much of a good thing? I’m sure! As said in the last post…it seems respect,  education and responsibility is required with intake of this seemingly powerful, natural herb; as it should be for everything we ingest.

The Hot Chocolate drink I make is approx a rounded Tbsp. of Dark Cocoa, rounded dash of Stevia, Cayenne Pepper & Cinnamon, and approx1 Tbsp. Unsulphured Molasses. To this mix I add boiling water. Mix all and add whatever you like for a creamer. I’m currently using Peppermint Mocha from Christmas which makes the drink even yummier! Coconut Milk is a great creamer too.

Knowing that the Molasses is full of iron I opted to leave it out of my drink replacing with the Maca to not load up on too  much iron; which could be harsh on my liver. This is an area I need education on.

So…my flesh says Wow! This Maca is great!!! I should have another drink on the way out this morning but wisdom says, No…let’s pay attention to our body and notice how long this energy supply lasts, and continue to learn about it.

The following articles bring more insight – http://macatalk.com/faqs/effects.html / http://www.raworganicmaca.info/maca-dosage/


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2 thoughts on “MACA = Energy?!

  1. Wow, this stuff sounds great. I’ll check out our wholefoods store and see if they have it

  2. Let me know…I can send you a package 🙂

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