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SuperFood of the week ~ RED MACA

I’m always amazed when hearing of a Superfood that’s been used thousands of years enhancing lives with optimal health and yet…it’s brand new!!

For me this week the ‘Brand New yet very established SuperFood’ is MACA

A friend texted that I should look into it and while searching the aisles of my local CoOp, like a kid in a candy store, my eyes found the gem of the week. Being new to the herb I had no knowledge to choose between Yellow, Black, or Red  so decided to com home with the Red.

In a Google search I’ve found a lot of info…http://www.bewellbuzz.com/superfoods/what-is-maca/ and the following article shows that the Red seems to be a great choice ~ http://www.raworganicmaca.info/red-maca-how-is-it-different/

It appears in the minimal reading I’ve done while posting here that responsibility is needed when consuming this powerful SuperFood so I will start out s-l-o-w-l-y and record pluses and minuses throughout the week as I learn!


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One thought on “SuperFood of the week ~ RED MACA

  1. I think I’ll try it.

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