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What in the world is ‘Oil Pulling’?

I envisioned Oil Rigs with Monster Drills and lots of pressure being exerted to force something that wants to stay buried up and out into the light of day!

Who knew…my nano second image upon hearing the phrase couldn’t have been more ‘on’! 

After a bit of trepidation I opened wide to take a spoonful of Coconut Oil, allow it to melt in my mouth and begin swish, swish, swishing away for an eternity long 15 minutes.  

A month later – I’m a believer.Those toxins wanting to stay put in the deep of my body are being pulled up and out through the oil pulling. The latest confirmation for me came through a trip to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction. Sent home with the list of do’s and don’ts – were strict orders to begin on day 2 salt water rinsing up to 6x a day, which I followed to a T. By day 5 of this my mouth was as sore from the salt water havoc as my gums from the extractions. Wanting the feel of a clean mouth the oil pulling had been providing I felt it safe to swish with Oil vs. the Salt Water and went for it. Immediately, my mouth was soothed. Gums that were inflamed settled down, a taste bud on my tongue that had flared (think too many tomatoes in early summer!) settled right down and was gone within in hours. Feeling relief that nothing horrible and every thing good had come from this first oil pull I’ve resumed my daily regime of oil pulling and now – post op 1 week…I’m eating as tho I’d not had surgery, my mouth is not sore, and I can feel the gums healing.

I’m excited to visit the surgeon for post op follow up… and see if he is ‘surprised’ at the rate of healing!

I’ll check back with the update!

In the meantime…check it out for yourself – here’s a couple of links to give some info – http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/article%20oil%20pulling.htm                                         http://coconutoil.com/oil-pulling-with-coconut-oil-for-dental-health/

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